• Well done! You found me, Kimmy (aka Innovivid), nestled amidst big-wig design companies, yellow pages, and 10,000 google hits. I'm here to help your books, logos, flyers, exhibition stands and anything else you can throw at me, materialise into print. Maybe you've tried your own hand at design, but can't make your project look just right. Maybe you usually have print work done in-house, but are looking for something with a more professional edge. Maybe you've got the ideas but not the means to execute them. Whatever your reasons, we'll get it done together - quickly.
    I'm a freelance designer and layout artist based in Glasgow, with an international client base. I enjoy personal, relaxed relationships with my clients where we discuss ideas freely. I am happy to work with existing guidelines of strict corporate identity, or develop new branding and logos. There is no confusing lingo. There is no design pretentiousness - just creative, hard work, with a genuine interest in your brand identity and communication goals. If you're in Glasgow, let's have coffee. If you're further afield, let's get started...
    PS. I also create art prints, specialising in personalised pop art - check out 'art prints' above, or visit my sister website at